Chris L. Smith - Photographer Resume

Work Experience 2017– present: csfotoimages in Tucson AZ Construction Architectural Photographer for: Adolfson & Peterson Construction, Tempe AZ Rental property Photographer for: Tucson AZ Management Company, Tucson AZ Travel Landmarks Photographer for: Places to Visit in Arizona Freelance Photographer and Large format Printer Advertorial and commercial photographer Large Format Photographer & Printer Stock Photo Agency contributor: Alamy - 50,000images , Getty - 10,000images, AGE - 8000images FAA Qualified Part 107 Drone Pilot and Photographer DJI Equipment 2014-2017 - Sarasota & Port Charlotte FL Editorial Freelance Photographer Freelance photographer for "Must Do" magazines – contributed to the four travel magazines Contributor to Stock Photo Agencies: Alamy, Getty, Agefotostock, Adobe and Fotolia Collaboration with Studio Photographer Jennifer Wright and Carats Fine Jewelry and Watches in Sarasota - photo editor and set builder 2007-2012 : - csfoto in Sherborne , Dorset, UK Editorial Freelance Photographer Freelance Photographer providing images to local and Nationwide news/media companies in conjunction with news stories for daily and weekend magazines – The Sun, Daily Mail, Telegraph Stock Photo Agency contributor to : Alamy, PhotoEdit Inc, Owner Photo Studio – built from ground up white background product photography 2005-2007 - Royal Naval Air Service RNAS Yeovilton, UK Chief Archive Photographer and Printer Responsible for reproduction of 100,000 negatives and prints of RN aviation library Creation of new secondary negatives and b/w prints accounting for 10% of aviation catalog over 2 years Increased productivity and sales of aviation prints over 2 years Provided new prints and negative for the cataloging of all new entries into the archive Created numerous new visual displays for Museum attractions increasing foot traffic and income Involved in the visual regeneration of the Museum website. 1990-2005 - Freelance Photographer based in Sherborne, UK Editorial Freelance Photographer for local and major UK newspapers and local commercial photographer to businesses. Photographer for the 1995 Taunton Cider and the Somerset Cheese Company ad campaign 1980-1990 - Retail and various other jobs supporting myself through College
Chris L Smith
Education City and Guilds of London Institute, London, UK 7532-03 (part2) 2yr Diploma in Photography and Photo Imaging - Equivalent to 4 yr BA degree City and Guilds of London Institute, London, UK 7532-02 (part1) 2yr Diploma in Photo Imaging - Equivalent to 2yr Associate Arts degree Sherborne School, Sherborne, Dorset, UK 2 Subjects Higher Gen. Education Diploma (Higher GED) 5 Subjects General Education Diploma (GED) Other 30 Years a Nikon User - Current D800 36mp Camera, 14-24mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm Lenses 5 yrs FAA Part 107 Commercial Drone and Fixed Wing Pilot's License. 10 yrs+ X-Platform experience of both Windows and Mac computers 10 yrs+ experience of Adobe Photoshop and Bridge. Beta tester for Lightroom 3yrs exp. Adobe Muse web design. Status: US Citizen.
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